Friday, October 31

Getting primped for Halloween. The house is awash with demons, vampires, ghouls and one lone coyote.
Another Henry moment. My front porch (concrete thank goodness) is a regular palimpsest of milk stains! Oh well, no use crying...

Tuesday, October 21

This is another quick portrait of one of my son's classmates. His class was studying the U.S. Westward Expansion and I volunteered to come in and give a short talk on the western artists, and then pretend to be painter George Catlin visiting a native American tribe. They drew lots for one girl and one boy to be my subjects. I painted each portrait in about 30 minutes, with a gaggle of interested "tribespeople" at my elbow, noses and fingers in my palette. It was surprisingly fun!

Saturday, October 18

A typical moment in our household; didn't watch my autistic son Henry like a hawk for about 2 minutes and he dumped the Anniversary roses all over the kitchen table.

Friday, October 3

Here is a work in progress from my just completed Artist's Residency. I was out in Newtown Square surrounded by horse farms. I've never been horse-crazy, but I found myself coming to appreciate the grace and beauty of these animals. They all seemed to have such strong and distinct personalities too. I took to bringing the next-door horses a few apples each day, and they responded just like my cat does, following me around and fixing me with the unblinking stare which means "More please".