Wednesday, May 30

Sports Awards!

Okay, brag alert! Stop reading now if you've had enough proud parent posts to last you a bit. ;-)

Last night was Peter's Sports Award Banquet at his high school. As a graduating senior and captain of the X-C team as well as a state-qualifier we knew he was going to receive a commendation.

But we were absolutely taken by surprise when Peter won a scholarship  in addition to the award we expected!

We are all so proud of him (younger brother hamming it up with his illustrious bro!)

We raced a big thunderstorm home after the ceremonies.

Peter paying tribute to the Gods of Thunder! :-)

Monday, May 21

Henry's Senior Service Project!

Henry's 12th grade class at Camphill Special School made a path to the creek for the whole school to enjoy. They really worked hard! Henry is a good man with a wheelbarrow.

Henry and his classroom teacher, the energetic Andreas S! Henry used to be shorter than Andreas not long ago...

Proud moms: my friend Carol L and me.

Bell-ringing during one of the celebratory group songs (not Hen's passion obviously!)

Henry and his good friend Sami!

They are so sweet together! He is really going to miss her next year!

"Little" brother Hugh is almost as tall as big brother Henry!

Henry, so glad and proud! Great work sweetie!

Tuesday, May 15

The Dead Sea Scrolls Live!

I was delighted to be invited recently to attend the opening of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition at the Franklin Institute! It was a rare treat to see a show early and Paul and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks to my friend artist Daniela Rosenhouse for setting this up (turns out her sister-in-law is the chief curator of the scrolls!)

As you can tell from this silly shot of us in the famous FI rotunda Paul and I were in a lighthearted mood. The food and drink were delicious and lavish, the mood was festive and we even ran into people we knew! More importantly, the exhibition itself is really great, a fascinating topic and beautifully presented. Congratulations to curator Pnina Shor for her important and wonderful work!

Monday, May 7

Senior Prom 2012

The elegant young couple

Wrist casts are being worn this year

At the pre-prom gathering

Old friends

Line-up of beauty

Handsome dominoes

Proud parents

Thursday, May 3

Year One, Done!

Today's Final Review...stealth photo by Katrina Funk
Today I had my final review of the semester in front of eight faculty members. It went well, a highly constructive critique. Got some really thought-provoking comments and advice. Yesterday I'd turned in the last term paper and did my presentation for Theory seminar and so now I AM DONE! In fact, so done that I lay down on the floor when I got home at the end of a long, intense day. My sweet husband had planned to take me out to celebrate but he got us takeout instead. Crawling into bed early tonight!

Hard to believe I am halfway through this program (the M.F.A at PAFA.) It's simply flying by!

I was reminded of how much help I have been getting from my wonderful friends and family. Excellent Eliza Auth loaned me extra clamp lights and even bought me some more while I was frantically trying to get the paintings dry for this review (see last post!) Amazing Alexandra Tyng actually came over and drove me down to PAFA with the (newly dry) paintings early this morning (did I mention that both of the Downs-Miller family cars died last week? Within three days of each other. Like a long-married couple!) Peerless Paul met me at the station this evening and got in delicious Indian Food as a celebratory treat, not to mention his 1001 other helpfulnesses during the year.  Friends Sarah Barr, Mary Walsh and Carol Peterson and sons Peter and Henry, and many other wonderful people, posed for paintings and etc. It obviously takes a village to get me through grad school. ‘I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks…’