Thursday, March 31

Dark Spring

this long cold dark spring-
small flowers thrust and parry
with the wet grayness

Sunday, March 20

Sugar Moon

Sugar moon rising
gently tugging the sweet sap-
the trees sigh softly

Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 17

Happy Saint Cupcake's Day!

Can you tell which one is mine? ;-)
On a hunt for a particular kind of cupcake (for painting purposes) I went cupcake shopping four frustrating times before striking it lucky on the fifth attempt. My friend Mary W finally clued me in as to where to go! Being shopping-avoidant myself it is great to have friends who know what's out there!

Tuesday, March 8

Desert Island Books

My friends know I was very consumed with this writing project a short while ago. I'd gotten the idea to poll artists on what their favorite art books were, and what an enormous outpouring of ideas I received! I ended up limiting the field to thirty people, and even then, it was a huge effort to be brief despite the fact that my editor gave me four pages! This turned out to be a topic that really started people thinking. The piece is just out, in the most current issue of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, April 2011. Thanks to all the artists who participated! If you're interested in reading the piece, here it is (click on images to enlarge:)

Wednesday, March 2

Friendly Flower

friend's late winter gift-
big iris bursting, leaping,
from a small white vase