Saturday, December 22

Bringing Henry Home

"You ARE taking me to that place where I can raid the fridge all day, right?"

Henry was waiting for us when we got to his school house this morning. He grabbed Paul and me each by a hand and headed out the door with us in tow, shoes forgotten. Now home, the air is already filled with the sounds of Barney, and he's polished off a nearly full box of Utz pretzel rods (spirited away while we were not looking.) Vacation time: 6 hours down, 330 to go! (I think I am a little pre-tired this time. :-)

Friday, December 21

Delivery Day!

I came home from yoga class to find this tower of packages waiting on my porch! Seems like UPS just saved up all the possible deliveries for one big offload. Reminded me of the Holiday Tower of Treats® from the Harry & David catalog! Except there are probably no pears. ;-)