Sunday, March 22

Farewell and welcome!
The new spring grass springing up
to last year's pine cone.

Thursday, March 19

Spring Fever

That spring sap seeping
quietly up through cold roots
eager for warm earth

Thursday, March 12

It's not really a meme, but wouldn't it be a good one? This sweet thank you note is from a pair of twelve year old girls who recently came to look at my studio and ask me questions about being an artist. (Hope I didn't scare them off too badly: what with my small, cold, studio and my thrift shop couture!) Not a formal "career program", these girls were just on a visit to their uncle and aunt, my friends and neighbors, who thought this might be a good idea. I enjoyed talking with these two very intelligent and well-spoken young people, and I was later charmed by their thank you note! I've pinned it up on my studio wall, with great pride.