Thursday, August 29

I'M BAAAACK! Graduate school, that is. After taking a year off mid-program due to complications following surgery for an injury.

I wasn't really sure how I would feel upon "re-entry" but the moment I walked into my beautifully minimalist light-filled studio I was filled with joy! Interestingly, I've been looking into the early works of painter Max Beckmann and I've been mesmerized by this particular image:

Max Beckmann  "Self-Portrait in Florence"  1907
Hamburg Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany

Okay okay, so my studio looks out onto Philadelphia's Convention Center rather than beautiful tuscan hills, and I'm lacking a smartly tailored formal outfit, and I don't smoke, and I'm not a stunningly handsome twenty-four year old German man at the turn of the last century, but other than THAT, it's like these pictures are twins, right? ;-)