Thursday, August 23

Outlook: Sunny

No weight to this post, just more photos of our new kitten, Sunny. ;-)

Saturday, August 18



So, friends of ours had a kitten emergency. They adopted a cat from a shelter, and although this shelter requires that the cats they give out be neutered or spayed before they will relinquish the cat, and in fact they make the adopting people pay for this process...someone at the shelter or vet's office made a mistake. My friends payed to adopt a spayed cat, especially important as they wanted an indoor/outdoor cat. The cat became pregnant about 5 minutes after they got it home. Oh dear!

The cat had five kittens, too, and well, son H begged and begged and we caved. Today was Kitten Delivery Day!

Smiles and tears from the nice family giving the kitty to us...

H gets to know his new pet a little

"Whatchu lookin' at?"  Attitude already at 10 weeks...!

Learning how to hold a squirming kitten...not as easy as you'd think! But fun. :-)

Monday, August 13

Happy Birthday Dad!

Something to be glad about: 84 Big Ones! ♡ Yay for William D. Miller !

Mom was glad too! 
Dad still hast the sharpest eye in the art business. He wanted me to take a look at a very well-done portrait, and it turned out to be a  piece by William F. Draper!

We had a successful board meeting, I mean, fun family party!

A grateful kind of day! ♡♡♡

Monday, August 6

We Have A Winner (yawn!)

Well, even if nobody else cares, I was pretty excited to win the weekly Trader Joe's drawing! ;-)  I've been filing in those little raffle tickets (for bringing my own bags) once or twice a week for several years now. I might have been suspicious that nobody ever wins except that my friend Carol Peterson won once, back when the store in our neighborhood was new. She won like $50 and had her picture on a poster. It was all very exciting!

But now, years on, and hundreds of weekly winners later, nobody cares and it is only a $20 gift card.  They barely bothered to make eye contact today at the store's service desk, had to root around for the Winner Cards in a drawer, started chatting amongst themselves even as they were sliding the card across the counter to me and basically were pretty yawn about the whole thing. However, I got great props from another customer waiting in line at the desk who exclaimed and congratulated and said Wow! People actually win this thing? No way! That's so great!  and etc. Thanks, dear unknown shopper lady, for making my win more festive for me.  ;-)

In fact, despite the Trader Joe's managers' lack of enthusiasm, I was pretty thrilled. Ironically, they'd called to tell me I won on the same day last week that I had rotator cuff surgery! When I'd gotten home after a day in the hospital and was lying upstairs groggily (on my bed of pain...violins please) my son H told me the good news, with a pleased smile on his face, and you know, that was really a sweet little thing to hear! Something nice, some random stroke of virtue rewarded, that's always going to be kind of nice, however small. A quiet yay! 

Friday, August 3

Friend Friday

I have three amazing friends showing their work in a four person show opening this weekend at Haynes Gallery in Thomaston, Maine! The show,  Four Figurative Artists, features the works of three of my favorite artists and people: Ellen Cooper, Renee Foulks and Lea Colie Wight (Ryan S. Brown, whom I do not know, is also exhibiting.)

Four Figurative Artists

August 3 to August 28. 

Reception: August 3, 6 to 8 p.m.

The Haynes Galleries
91 Main Street
Thomaston, ME 
Jenn  Lea Colie Wight

CharnĂ©e  Renee Foulks

Cup and Vessel  Ellen Cooper

Thursday, August 2

Congratulations on Your Surgery!

Message from a child, as yet unaware of the "get well soon" protocol! :-D

I can still type, thank heavens!
 photo: Sarah Barr