Wednesday, July 28

My neighbor Fay showed me this nest, constructed only a few inches away from her back door. I took the shot. One minute later the robin came back, and courageously settled down to sit on the nest, mere feet from us as we sat chatting and drinking barley tea on the back porch. Mother Love is a powerful force.

Monday, July 5

on the Third of July. For some reason unknown to me, our town held all its Fourth of July activities and celebrations on the Third of July. Seems a little like celebrating New Year's Eve on December 30th! Anyway, the boys had a great time with some homespun pyrotechnics.

Friday, July 2

On the beach last month. Dad and I took a short walk to clear the cobwebs away, and the light was just beautiful.

A cliche I never get tired of seeing: the sparkling water of a swimming pool on a hot summer's day!

My friend Ellie lives near a wonderful community garden. People from all over the city come there to garden in harmony. It was a little like visiting the Garden of Eden. As we walked up and down the garden paths exclaiming over each plot we got constant offers of future produce "Just come back!" Incidentally, the high fences are not to keep people out, but the deer!