Friday, May 30

Minimalism is the theme today at Photo Friday and I thought I'd join in. It's been a while since I last participated. I've been very busy preparing for my one person show in New York: it is called Still Moments and it opens next week on June 7th. (If you're in New York then, please stop by the Sherry French Gallery and say Hi!) I finally got the paintings delivered a few days ago, and feel like I can finally catch my breath and relax a little for the first time in months.

I took this photo of a still-life set-up I was working on, afraid that the berry would rot before I finished the painting and I wouldn't be able to find a stand-in. However, I got the painting done before that happened, and was wondering what to do with the shot. Thank you Illustration Friday!

Friday, May 23


If you are a past king of France that is! This is the château of Fontainebleau in the Île-de-France region (about an hour from Paris.) I was visiting people in that area (see my friend Janet's fun blog for a delicious slice of the life there)...and for a visual person such as myself it was unadulterated heaven: so much beauty, all around, all the time. It certainly raises lots of philosophical questions such as "What IS beauty?" I simply have to fall back on the old line of "I can't explain it, but I know it when I see it." My friends were incredibly patient with my constant exclamations and frequent photo-stops. I even managed to do three little paintings during my short (six day) stay, but due to the moist cool weather the paintings were still sopping wet by my departure time, and I had to leave them behind to be sent on later. Somehow I don't mind at all...I like the idea of leaving a little bit of myself there, even just temporarily!

(Sonia, me, Janet, in front of the Louvre.)

Friday, May 9


a journey of a thousand blog posts
starts with the click
of one finger...

Many thanks to my brother Bruce for starting me on this journey in September of 2003. He called me up one day and said "I think you need to do a blog." I said "What's a blog?" He sent me a cheap digital camera and talked me through my first post. I never looked back.

The beautiful roses are courtesy of my husband Paul. They are actually meant to be in honor of my birthday, which is also today, but are now doing double-duty as my thousandth post flowers!

Thursday, May 8

H scraped the sky with a softball at yesterday's district-wide Junior Olympics. Softball throw is the elementary school version of shot put I believe. Last year he won a ribbon, this year he just won open-mouthed admiration as his ball flew higher than most local raptors. If they were giving ribbons for height, he would have won hands-down. Alas, they were going for distance so no prize for H. The softball throw judge did later come up and talk to me about a kid's summer baseball camp though!

Hey, this is post 999! Augh, I can hardly believe it!

Friday, May 2


Crowding my senses
with perfume, color, pollen-
the flowering trees


This shot was taken yesterday, so Happy May Day! Pretend this post is in a little paper cone with ribbons, tied to your door handle! ;-)