Wednesday, November 26

every day continuing,
each bite a thank you.
The butter is something else-
a brief swipe of joy.

I don't think there is a more welcoming aroma than that of baking bread. At once soothing and heartening, it perfumes the house and those who live there, and those lucky enough to walk in at the right time always start sniffing the air, eyes brightening.

My suggestion of welcoming, is next week's theme over at One Single Impression, the weekly haiku meme. You are very welcome to visit there!

Thursday, November 13

Giorgio Morandi (Italian, 1890–1964)
Still Life (Natura morta), 1956
Oil on canvas; 9 7/8 x 13 7/8 in. (25.2 x 35.2 cm)
Yale University Art Gallery

Just back tonight from seeing the Giorgio Morandi exhibit at the Met. The show had a curiously dim, unassuming air, consistent with Morandi's reputation as a modest (and dusty) man, but in many ways the exhibit absolutely exceeded my expectations. At one point I became aware that I was faintly whimpering with some barely suppressed emotion...and I only realized it because some other show-goer gave me an alarmed look and stepped away smartly! ;-) Oh well. I wandered through the show several times (eventually the friends I was with got bored and went on ahead to lunch) and I would have happily stayed longer.

But we were due in Chelsea to drop off some paintings for the December group show at Sherry French Gallery. I felt a little dizzy later, sitting in Sherry's, discussing show cards and inventory though I had just sledded top speed down a high mountain.

Nancy Bea Miller, Creamer, Cake, Coffee, 2008,
oil on canvas laid to board, 9 x 12 inches

Monday, November 10

Young H's soccer team, coached by Paul, just won their league's division championship yesterday! It was a hard-fought game with beautiful team work exhibited by both sides. Our team scored the winning goal in the second half of overtime (!!!!) and I could just feel my hair going gray from anxiety as the minutes mounted. But what unrestrained joy when the whistle blew!

Not untinged with sadness on my part, for the defeated team. I have some great shots of both sides displaying incredible intensity, absolutely playing their hearts out. To come so close to the championship and then lose by a hair...oh man. However, I know this viewpoint is not "right" somehow, and that I am obviously just not a sports person. Except that I do like taking sports photos . And I am thrilled for my guys! Congratulations Patriots!

Saturday, November 8

last weekend, Paul with Henry. Henry is still very babyish in many ways, despite being six foot one and a hundred and eighty-five pounds. He is not quite as tall as Paul, but outweighs him easily. Still likes a "horsey ride" although he will soon be too big for this particular horsey!

Friday, November 7

My entire neighborhood seems to be in the middle of a long, slow, leafy fireworks display. I just cannot believe how beautiful the trees are this year, how intense and varied. And are they usually still flaming so brightly this late into November? This unretouched beauty was seen on my walk this morning.

Tuesday, November 4

Lots of signs, placards and slogans outside the polling place, but when I walked inside I was asked to remove a small political button I was wearing on my jacket. This seemed a bit odd, perhaps even unconstitutional, but I wasn't in the mood for a big brouhaha. I rolled my eyes, removed the button, and then voted. Which, after all, was the main point!