Sunday, December 26

One of the interesting things about living with Henry is his compulsion for combining objects or materials that one would ordinarily not pair together. In this instance he decided to fill the sink with mixed salted nuts. He carefully pulled up the stopper too, so that not a one would escape. Sink nuts, now that is original!

Saturday, December 25

Henry simply could not believe his ears when his Aunt Carol set up her new keyboard and started playing his favorite song of all time: Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. A roaring fire, rocking chair and Paul chiming in with his flute and it was just Henry Heaven. Merry Christmas to All!

Sunday, December 19

When Henry is sad, we are all sad. Quite often we can't figure out why he is sad, since he can't speak very much. He uses PECS (picture exchange communication system), little picture cards velcroed into a book. But his PECS are mostly for concrete items like "Juicebox" "Granola Bar" and "Playground": no little picture cards for "General Angst" or "Existential Terror".
Today we are all a little sad because his TSS (therapeutic support staff i.e.home program helper) just quit, at least for the next few weeks. She has a lot of major stresses in her life, and had quit all her other cases, but wanted to keep on with Henry (they got along really well). But I guess finally, even just the one case was too much for her overloaded life.
Sigh. Back to square one.

Friday, December 17

Of course these little equines must come with bridles and tack, preferably in hot pink vinylized plastic. Let the Christmas shopping begin! (Actually, I guess it probably has begun for everyone else: I am slow!) This is for Photo Friday's theme: Tacky.

Thursday, December 16

Well, it is hard to believe, but Paul (my husband) is so sick that he has actually stayed home from work! He's been ill for over a week, but he simple didn't believe it for a few days and kept dragging himself into work saying, "I think I'm feeling better today..." Nuh-uh. Today he finally admitted defeat, stayed home to run his fever in comfort and even made a doctor's appointment. Terrible to see him like this, poor guy. Unlike many other a husband I have heard of, he dislikes a lot of sick bed tending, and my offers of tea, toast, juice, more meds, pillowcase freshening etc. are almost always declined.

And of course, Paul was supposed to be finishing up making the frames this week for my upcoming show. Since they all have to be delivered to the gallery (framed) by next week I can only hope for divine intervention, or a really powerful dose of anti-biotics?

Saturday, December 11

Henry was in a very nice mellow mood today. The rain cleared up for a few minutes just as the sun started to go down over the local Acme roof. Henry and I ran outside and had a little game of "chase-giggle-n-shove", and I managed to fire off a few shots when we were joined by the other boys.

Friday, December 10

The toys seem to be huddling together for solace, just waiting till Hugh comes home from school.

Thursday, December 9

A large nursey is located next to our local pharmacy. I was there last night picking up various prescriptions and cold relief products, and as I pulled out of the parking lot I saw this beautifully lit greenouse, stuffed full of Poinsettias and other holiday items. 'Tis the season...achoo!

Monday, December 6

There is nothing like a fire in the fireplace to add a little festive cheer to a winter's evening. Instead of throwing these old art projects in the recycling bin Hugh elected to burn them. I was amazed at what an attractive sculpture he made of them before setting them alight!

Friday, December 3

on grocery shopping. Even if you wanted to forget that a major holiday is coming, the grocery store will not allow you to remain in a state of denial. I thought it was very appropriate that they had a long line of foil wrapped Poinsettias in the exit aisle. An army of plant world holiday warriors, silently standing to attention and reminding you of the coming onslaught!

Thursday, December 2

I met this happy dog when I was visiting Sebastian Riding Associates with my friend Emma Powell and family. He loved the horses and was exuberantly trying to join in the riding. I think he would have leaped atop a saddle if he could have and gone galloping around. He had to be barred from the indoor ring, but even a fence could not diminish his enthusiasm and contagious joy.