Monday, October 24

My X-C Kids!

Saturday was a gray day but a good one for the Cross-Country team...P came in second in the district conference (with his team-mate and co-captain coming in first) and H made a Personal Best!

My guys 

Strong start for H and he stayed steady!

P and his co-captain took off from the pack at some point

Coming in to the finish! 

Thursday, October 13

Cupcake Social

Netta with Cupcake

There is a seemingly never-ending barrage of social and instructive events for us students at PAFA. There are so many opportunities and offerings that  I am almost finding it a bit distracting. But it's all very fun, tempting stuff, like today's Cupcake Social at 4 pm. Hundreds of cupcakes, scores of toppings to customize them, and gallons and gallons of strong coffee. End of day bliss! Could I have squeezed in an extra hour of painting instead of consuming empty calories and socializing? Yes! But it was darn fun.

Thursday, October 6

My Town

Off the evening train,
stopping to drink in the sight-
my town at sunset

Monday, October 3


My baby turned FIFTEEN today! Warm with happiness, at the same time frozen with horror at the speed the years are winging past...

I'm 15 for a moment
Caught in between 10 and 20
And I'm just dreaming...

100 Years, Five for Fighting
(This song is one the biggest tear-jerkers on the radio! Sometimes I just have to turn it off when I hear the opening bars, sometimes I let it happen...)

Sunday, October 2

First Fire

the first fall fire:
its muffled roaring and hiss
suddenly remembered