Friday, June 25

Many of my recent oil paintings feature clouds. Artist friend Janice Wilke (right) and I are standing in front of "Henry and the Cloud" to the left, and "Sam: Head in the Clouds" to the right. I guess I have not yet outgrown that childhood fascination with cloud-gazing. This post is for the Photo Friday challenge, subject (you guessed it) "Clouds".

Thursday, June 24

Wednesday, June 23

Seeing these huge rocks piled up at the edge of the beach was like seeing a real-life Illustration of Time. It was amazing to think that each tiny grain of sand had perhaps once been at the heart of such a boulder.

Sunday, June 20

The boys are lucky to have such a wonderful Dad.
Happy Father's Day Paul!

among seven year olds is a highly individualized process.
"Please, no photos!"

Thursday, June 17

Henry folds himself almost in half as he whips around and around on the playground equipment. It must increase the sensation of blood rushing to his head.

Tuesday, June 15

in our house is a variable and messy strata. Henry is truly in the world class of mess-makers. We have brooms and dustpans liberally scattered throughout the house in readiness for the next "incident". This one was relatively simple, he merely dumped out a tub of alphabet cookies (left over from Sunday's opening). The only added flourish was that he had obviously tromped back and forth over the spillage a few times, just for that extra je ne sais quoi!

Monday, June 14

So here are the before and after shots for my show "Only Human", which opened yesterday at the Manayunk Art Center. Many thanks to Meri (pictured), Rocio and Paul who helped me get the work on the walls!

I was surprised and delighted by the great turn-out, especially as I had only mailed off the invitation cards a couple of days before the opening! This was due (in part) to recent family emergencies (and the other part due to my habitual "last-minuteness"). Thanks to everyone who came by and/or helped in other ways: the support for this project has been just incredible.

Friday, June 11

This is from my recent trip home. I decided at the last
minute to take the train instead of drive. I gave up
a certain tension-filled autonomy for a kind of passive tranquility, but I decided that with all that was going
on, I needed the rest. So did others on the train, too.

Thursday, June 10

is a very very very dusty house. At least while they are putting in new water mains. This was the view from the front porch this morning as I waved Paul off to work.

I'm frantically getting ready for a one-person show, which is scheduled to be hung tomorrow: augh! I got a little behind schedule because of a recent out-of-state family crisis. Fortunately the last few days have been very hot and blindingly sunny: perfect speed-drying weather for paintings. Everyone else around here is cursing the sudden hot spell, while I am secretly giving thanks!

Wednesday, June 9

Kind of sums it all up. Askew doesn't mean wrong. I've heard that even the earth is askew as it spins on its crooked axis. Henry is one with the cosmos in a way we can only dream of.

Sunday, June 6

I was up in New England this past week and got a chance to see my nephew, Michael. He proudly showed me his new computer and after hugging and patting it, asked me to take a picture of it. I was happy to comply.