Tuesday, July 28

Library wine!

at my local library! Our library system has a great Summer Reading Program you can join...you log in and register (and rate) books you've read and then your name gets put into a weekly drawing. I was the very lucky winner of this colorful basket with bottle of yummy Shiraz and two wine glasses! (They even had an alternate prize if the winner did not like wine...so thoughtful but, in my case, unnecessary.)
I urge everyone to run over to their local library and sign on up...you never know what good may come of it!

I have always imagined that heaven will be a kind of library
- Jorge Luis Borges

Monday, July 20

Reptilian Surprise!

My neighbor Fay found this handsome fellow in the road, and decided to save his life, at least temporarily, by putting him into her garden. With all the rain we had earlier this summer there should be a fine harvest of slugs for this eastern box turtle. Always something new happening on my street!

This scene strongly suggests one of Fay's own artworks!

Saturday, July 18

Awesome July Fourth

Big Bang
and then some at our home July Fourth celebrations a few weeks ago. Didn't get around to uploading the photos till now...this one really sets the scene! What is it with guys and fireworks?

Saturday, July 11

Mothering on the Farm

FARM is the theme today over at Unique Exposures. I took this in May while visiting Beaver Farm, site of Camphill Special School's transition program. I was told that this sow is the best mother pig they have ever known...and she sure does seem a calm and generous being!