Tuesday, December 30


It is confusing.
Glittering gauzy dream or
a drift of dead stars?

For One Single Impression's prompt, stardust.

Apropos only of the image, if anyone cares to visit the Fairy Name Generator click here for the link. A little gentle fun for the last few days of the year. Mine:
Your fairy is called Berry Goblinfly
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives in fruit orchards and vineyards.
She is only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky.
She wears red, cerise and purple berry colours. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

Thursday, December 25

and a happy Bûche de Noël to all! My friend Nancy Trainer made this sensational confection for our Yule feast: the meringue mushrooms were almost unbelievable in their realism! (There's a bit of a conundrum for you.)

Monday, December 22

Variations on a pfeffernusse theme. From a cookie baking morning with some painter friends, thinking outside the box, er, cookie jar!

Sunday, December 21


a No Hunting sign,
antlered with ice, keeps watch
over frozen fields

For One Single Impression: a winter's day

Wednesday, December 17

and sees something
that makes his hands clench
with cold anxiety.
Wordless, he plucks me by the sleeve
and tries to lead me away.
I laugh and protest,
enjoying the light,
the smell of the bricks and the dirt.
Then I look up and see it too:
the crumbling tower,
the containment netting
bunched like stockings
on an anklebone.
Yes, time to leave.

Friday, December 12

Wednesday was the last day of my Intro to Oils class at the Main Line Art Center, and we all brought in a little something for a celebration. A lot of something actually...it was really a feast!

I'm teaching again next semester, same classes (Life Drawing and Intro to Oils), but it was bittersweet saying goodbye to this lovely, talented group.

Monday, December 1


Far hill, sun struck gold
a land of peace and plenty-
my boots in cold mud


I am thrilled to add three family members' blogs to my Friends and Family Blogroll:


More Creative Life

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Perhaps there is a gene that predisposes people to enjoy blogging?