Thursday, January 31

Sunny n Paul!

Our young cat, Sunny, loves his "Daddy." People accuse me of being overly bonded with this animal but really Paul is the alpha cat (if such a thing exists?) When Paul walks in the door after work Sunny comes a-running, and then hangs around hoping for interaction. He is definitely a teenage boy cat and wants to wrestle, play catch, drink beer and watch football, just like the big guys.  His teenage brother is pretty much next in line of devotion, and he loves me too I suppose, I do get lots of sweet kisses, but still....

This morning...a rumbling armful.

Last week...that looks good!

Recently...who needs a blanket?

Wednesday, January 9

Traveling to a Museum Show

Nancy Bea Miller  "Sarah Cellphone" 2012  o/c
Just sent my painting "Sarah Cellphone" off to be part of a show at the Asheville Art Museum called The Philadelphia Story: Contemporary Figurative Work Drawn from the Academy.  I am really thrilled to be included in this show which looks amazing! So many outstanding artists are in it. Also, I find it encouraging that the curator, Nancy Sokolove, picked one of my most recently completed pieces. And BTW, a big thank you to my friend Sarah Barr for posing for this painting!

I have been in a few museum shows before, but this is the first time a museum sent a preparator to pick up the piece. In the end because of some scheduling issues for the pick-up guys, I brought my piece over to the home of another participating artist's house nearby, my friend Elizabeth Wilson. The museum guys came up in a truck from North Carolina to get my piece so I didn't at all mind driving ten minutes to my friend's house to help them out. :-) I was so dorkily tickled by the whole experience that I documented it with my i-phone (I simply cannot act cool no matter how hard I would try, so, yeah, I just don't try, obviously! :-)

Paperwork! Liz signing and signing and signing...

My boxed up piece gets taken aboard.

The (very nice) guys getting ready to take off for the next pick-up spot

Liz makes me some French Press coffee for a little post-pick-up celebration!
Woo hoo!