Tuesday, December 24

Xmas Eve Amox!

Ho Ho Ho! Here's a little Xmas eve present for me, a nice bottle of antibiotics! I've been more or less ill since the evening of Dec 13th....I thought it was just a virulent cold and that I was getting slowly better but this morning I either had a relapse or started afresh on illness number two (which appears identical to illness number one.) My physician didn't even bother to see me again: when I called the office to see if I could come in (again) the receptionist wouldn't make me an appointment, she just took a message and an hour later called to say the doctor had phoned in a prescription (unspecified) to the drugstore. Phoned it in about sums it up. I guess it's xmas eve and nobody really wants to be working, but this is not confidence-inspiring.  Not sure why if it's "just a virus" as the doctor decreed at last week's office visit, that I'd suddenly need an antibiotic? Without another check-up or even a phone consult? Ho Ho Ho!  #feelingrumpyandlousyandUNCONFIDENTinmyhealthcareprovider

Follow Up: The antibiotics worked like a charm. So, I guess my doctor knew what she was doing after all! ;-)

Sunday, December 22

The Three Brothers

Everybody is home for a little while anyway. There's something about having all three fledglings back in the nest again however briefly...says Mama Bird with a contented little chirp!  That really is all I wanted for Christmas. ~♡♫♡♡~

End of Semester!

My newest obsession project!
The semester ended a week ago with my showing both paintings and also my newest project, a series of photos playfully exploring personality and identity. Its working title is Re/Present. So far I have done 27 sessions, all but one with just one person at a time, friends, family and fellow graduate students whom I think of as my collaborators.  I've made a blog of selected images over at Tumblr but a) I am waiting to get the okay from all my collaborators before going public and b) I am having some trouble with the Tumblr interface: I find it much more difficult to configure and control than Blogspot. ;-( So I may in fact scrap it and start all over again on Blogspot...but I'll keep you all posted either way.

Here I am inbetween two mediums: digital and canvas! Photo: Kathleen Hogan
A big crowd at my review!  Photo: Kathleen Hogan

It was a rough week leading up to the final review on Friday, with an art opening, several snow days, weather cancellations, and sudden family health emergencies in CT necessitating a lot of extra confabulating with siblings and parents and almost as soon as Friday's effort was over I immediately became sick. After the last review on that last day I had my coat on and was standing at the school entrance with a bunch of fellow students getting ready to go out and have a celebratory drink. I suddenly felt wham! an enormous clout of shaky exhaustion. I made an excuse and went straight home and was sick for this past entire week! A terrible bad cold, I guess but more like a mini-flu, fever, congestion, sore throat, aches, etc. worse than any cold I've ever had. Anyway, just starting to feel the recovery has started as of today, one week and one day later! Oh well...onwards and upwards!

illustration by Norman Rockwell