Sunday, April 29

Sun Drying Oil Paintings!

Front yard full of wet oil paintings drying (I hope!) in the sun

With PAFA MFA program Final Reviews coming up quickly I have been galvanized into actually trying to finish up a few pieces! Unfortunately, with Henry just at home for a long and late two full week spring break from his special needs school, I found it hard to snatch more than a few hours here and there. I did my absolute best but it was not enough (that always feels bad!)
This week, despite Paul being overseas on business, I did manage to squeeze in lots and lots of hours at the easel (and at the computer! I also have a large term paper and presentation due. OMG. Deep breaths.) Unfortunately, this past week was wet and cold and dark and the paintings have simply not been drying. I am not a wet-into-wet painter, and despite my use of drying medium and occasional sessions in front of hot lights, the paintings are still maddeningly gooey. And yes, unfinished!

Another angle

Today has dawned cool but sunny and I am hoping that although the air temps are not super warm, perhaps the steady rays of the springtime sun will help speed up the process a little! I hope?
I suspect my lovely neighbors are bemused by my family and this front yard full of oil paintings is just one more incident of oddness for them to wonder at. Oh well! Keep shining, sun!

Son Peter gives the thumbs up to the unfinished portrait of himself and Henry

Monday, April 16

Let Us Try

"Let us try what Love will do." ~ William Penn
(from this evening's walk with Henry and Paul.)

Saturday, April 14

A Belated Friend Friday!

Ay yi yi...things are crazy here with Henry home on long spring break and my end of semester press of work but it just occurred to me that I have so many friends doing such amazing things right now that I absolutely need to do a shout out, however brief! In first name alphabetical order:

Friend Alexandra Tyng has so many irons in the fire this month that I am probably leaving a few out by mistake! But here are two exhibits she is participating in (along with some other friends!)
This group exhibit at the Haynes Gallery runs April 13 thru May 9
I'm thrilled that Alex's portrait of me "Star at the Edge" will be in the show.

Alex and many other friends (pictured) are also in "The Expedition and Beyond" at Principle Gallery opening April 13 

Dale Roberts has a magnificent show of encaustic landscapes at Rosenfeld Gallery this month, April  1-29th. Don't miss it, Philly area friends! Above is his piece "Clear Day."

Eliza Auth is showing paintings this month at the Cosmopolitan Club in Philadelphia

Holly Brigham is in "Homefront Heroes: Women of WWll" at Penn State Lehigh Valley thru April 28th. Above is her piece "'W.A.S.P Bea I. Wolf'  

Jo-Ann Osnoe is in a two person show at Artists' Gallery in Lambertville, PA: April 6-May 6th

Last but not least, my friend Rachel Simon's wonderful book "The Story of Beautiful Girl" has just been chosen by the UK's equivalent of Oprah's Book Club, Richard and Judy, for their spring 2012 book club! This is a huge, and well-deserved, honor.  If you haven't read Rachel's book yet I enthusiastically recommend it!

Monday, April 9

Henry is Home for Spring Break!

The Henry is in the House!
Henry came home yesterday from his school, for two weeks of Spring Break. Here he has torn Mommy away from the computer and gotten agreement to a late night  car ride...ah the joy! Being driven in the car for hours listening to loud music is his favorite past-time. If only I could get my school work done at the same time!

Tuesday, April 3

Two for Two!

Ay yi yi yi...
So, P's Ultimate Frisbee injury of last week which was originally thought to be one wrist strained the other sprained, and treated just with one lightweight removable cast, has now been UPGRADED to one wrist broken, and the other possibly broken even worse than the other, with TWO casts! We'll know how bad the second one is tomorrow after the MRI. Poor guy, he's really being a good sport about it but, as you might guess, this really sucks.

He does get out of doing dishes for the next six weeks, though! (I'm really scraping for something positive to say...!) Cute picture courtesy of our neighbor Hiroshi Iizuka.