Friday, December 17

Friend Friday (scroll down)

"Blues for Scrooge" puppet show/ musical
 Blues for Scrooge happened last weekend and youngest son H had a major role: he was the ghost of Christmas Present! There he is above, in his astonishing outfit. The play was fantastic! There was not even standing room in the tiny theatre, especially at the second performance as the word had spread. People were squeezing themselves into spaces not even a mouse would want to inhabit, as well as sitting on the floor, in order to see this amazing production.  Kudos to Olivia Lehman who is
the creative genius behind the Puppetbox Theatre.

  Son Henry was also in a school play earlier this week at Camphill Special School. He played a Guildsman in an adaptation of one of the Canterbury Tales. The play was wonderful, with lots of singing and dancing as well as declaiming (no declaiming for Henry, who does not talk, but he seemed to enjoy participating.)

Henry's good friend and classmate Sammi had a starring role and looked lovely in her medieval Queen's garb:

My brother Bruce Miller has some Art Cards up for auction currently. Here is "Being Nice for Christmas!"  We all remember the pressure to be good and seem deserving of many presents we hoped Santa would bring, as the holiday season approached. You can see more details on the ebay site here:

 I am proud to let people know that my good friend Nancy Rogo Trainer was selected as one of the Philadelphia Business Journal's 2010 Women of the Year. Way to go Nancy!!! Well-deserved. An architect who is one of the principals at Venturi, Scott, Brown, Nancy is one of the most multi-talented, intelligent, capable and creative people I know. She's also a ton of fun and a fantastic cook (you haven't lived till you've tasted her biscotti!)

Last, and probably least, I was delighted to find out that I am "Miss July" in the Fleisher Art Memorial's 2011 Calendar featuring work by 2010 Dear Fleisher Artists. I was previously honored by Fleisher naming me one of their Featured Artists at the same event, but apparently being chosen for the calendar had nothing to do with that. A different committee selected the images from among the 350 donations to the auction and somebody liked my "Little Red". I am delighted to be in the calendar along with friends Paul Dusold (February), Giovanni Casadei (March), Stuart Shils (September) and Mary Walsh (November.)

"Little Red", oil on gessoed cardboard, 4 x 6 inches

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