Friday, December 9

Almost Done!

Almost done with my first semester of grad school! I came home yesterday to find my sweet husband had these flowers and encouraging note waiting for me...his thoughtfulness brought a lump to my throat. It's been such a tough week for all of us, really.  I had four end of semester school hurdles to leap and then there were other things, kind of big things, going on as well. If I listed everything you'd stop believing in my truthfulness after a few bullet I'll just mention the most important and saddest: a death in the family, Paul's sweet Aunt Sue, necessitating his sudden flight out to Chicago. Sick kid with asthma, a minor (I hope) but urgent hospital procedure, a long-ago scheduled house repair beginning and ...(and I can see your eyes starting to glaze so I will just stop listing..though there is even more!) This would make for a busy week even if I didn't have two final class projects due, end of semester Reviews (these were a real BFD...eeek!) and a 10 page  term paper due.

I'm done with everything now except the term paper. I felt like I was going to crack under the strain and so I swallowed my pride and asked for a two day extension on the paper. I cringed while I was doing it but I did it. It seemed the only aspect in this load that had a little "give"...and, fortunately, my teacher kindly gave!

So, yes, beautiful roses, almost done! :-)

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